Issue   Xbox 1 price is U.S. 869.99 , U.S. $ 100 more expensive than the PlayStation 4 . Microsoft said the price of U.S. $ 100 is worth the comfort and reliability of the system will be given ,  on the Xbox One will be  system is superior , ” said Albert Penello , Microsoft spokesman , Monday, September 1, 2013 . Penello also believe , although the price is more expensive Xbox One of its competitors , it will not affect the gamers to choose the Xbox gaming console One as they use .  Xbox 1 release date estimated on 22 November 2013.

With a difference of $ 100 Xbox 1 price , advantages that can be enjoyed by users of Microsoft’s gaming console this is because it has a high specification with 8GB of DDR3 memory with high performance . Compatible with x86 – 64 srta using blue – ray disc drive . 500GB hard drive is large enough for game storage media with large capacity . As well as using the unit processor called AMD GCN Architecture , for the resolution of the Xbox One game at 4K ( 3840 × 2160 ) video output and 7.1 surround sound system . With the specs and features of the Xbox gamers will shake to have this tool .

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XBox 1 Price Honest Review

XBox 1 set on XBox price.orgXbox One will be sold at a price of U.S. $ 499 , 499 euros , and 429 pounds . This price is U.S. $ 100 more expensive than the PS4 , but of course the Xbox Kinect One is sold with a package has a value of 2.0 which was more than U.S. $ 100 . Although unfortunately not everyone is interested in the hardware on this one .
There has been no announcement as to what the price of the Xbox One time of entry into Asia later .

Hardware Design

Xbox One has a fairly simple design , the latest of Microsoft ‘s console has a box shape that looks very sturdy and solid . The casing is coated finishing half and half smooth slick also adds modern impression of this console . I suppose it’s like the PS4 italic text with effects , while the Xbox One can assume as writing with a bold effect .

One Xbox console 33.3cm x 27.4cm in size x 7.9cm ( length x width x height ) . Slightly larger than the competition , the PS4 .


Xbox 1 specs  that is not too much different than the PS4 . Here are the details :
8 GB of DDR3 system memory , with 3 GB for the operating system is already in useXBox 1 console on XBox 1
8 – core , x86 processor
500 GB hard – drive
Blu – ray drive
Three USB 3.0 ports
HDMI in and out ports
Custom graphics card based on AMD architecture

Kinect 2.0

Kinect 2.0 img on Xbox 1 price.orgMotion controller of the Xbox 360 is back again . Difference if the Xbox 360 Kinect is sold separately from the console , then the Xbox One inevitably you will get the motion controller . Kinect 2.0 will experience an increase in its ability to detect the room , even now this tool will be used to detect a heartbeat .

At the beginning of the announcement , Microsoft said that Kinect should always turn on when the user uses the console ‘s Xbox One . But after several changes the behavior of their consoles , Microsoft said that Kinect is not required to turn on. Microsoft itself is still not clear on this .

DRM and Region -lock

Digital Rights Management ( DRM ) is a kind of feature that serves to protect digital content from piracy . Unfortunately DRM often even bother users honest . One of the best known of the announcement of the Xbox Gamer One is how controversial this console . In May 2013 yesterday , Microsoft announced a series of DRM that makes the Xbox One becomes an enemy of gamers . At first Xbox One requires users to connect to the internet at least 24 hours , in addition to the console also prohibits the use of used games , plus also various other troublesome DRM .

After announcing the PS4 existing lack of DRM on their console , and see the reaction of gamers to gamers protest against the PS4 and Xbox One , Microsoft decided to remove all existing DRM and DRM makes the Xbox One position is not much different with the PS4 . Seeing this , I honestly personally be very skeptical of the creative decisions for the Microsoft Xbox console One . It may be that in the future Microsoft will restore the old DRM , or issuing strange ideas again . What is clear to the affairs of DRM and region -locking , I do not trust Microsoft , but remember this is all my personal opinion based on previous news spread about the Xbox One .

Xbox Live Rating System

Xbox 1 vid img on Xbox 1 price.orgThere have been many who acknowledge , despite Sony’s console is always better option affairs exclusive games , consoles Microsoft has always had over Sony’s online services . Since its foray into the console industry , Microsoft has introduced to us a service called Xbox Live . Although it has a better online service , Xbox Live is famous for its irreverence . In later Microsoft Xbox One will introduce the rating feature for Xbox Live users . The more times a player made ??muted or kicked out of a game , then he’s diminishing ratings . Then after division rating, a player can only play with players whose ratings were with him , so the good people meet good people , bad people see the bad guys .

In addition to Xbox Live , Microsoft Xbox One would also like to make into a family entertainment center with a TV feature , so yes you can turn your Xbox into a TV One and after that watch TV through the Xbox One , instead of the TV . Quite confusing ? The point with the Xbox One you can enjoy exclusive impressions and also switch between games , TV , and other features with ease .

The last section looks quite interesting is the increase in achievement . Microsoft provides a feature which will be a challenge on a daily or weekly so that games can be played for longer even though the player has completed or completed story already collect each achievement .

XBox One for Sale Customer’s Review

You can read about the xbox one for sale in the review written by one of the users gaming console xbox one below

Here is one of the honest review By
 Tomtom  already purchase and use XBox One


 I constantly planned to obtain each the Xbox a single and PS4. I at present have PS 3 and Xbox 360 so replacing the two is a part of the program. I decided to begin off with PS4 due to the price. I figured I would consider out the PS four and take a look at the Xbox one sometime upcoming yr. So I pre-ordered a PS 4 from Amazon and it arrived with wonderful pleasure on my portion. I unboxed the unit, hooked it up, then almost nothing. My new PS four was dead on arrival, blue flashing status light. Attempted every thing suggested but finally gave up, packed it inside the box, and shipped it back to Amazon. I didn’t wish to deal with waiting close to for Sony to send substitute and with what would seem like many units failing that had been bought from Amazon I desired to offer it a while for Sony to get the job done out their troubles.

I was just planning to nevertheless wait on Xbox 1 but chose to have a look at a nearby Microsoft shop to see if they had any out there on launch day. I was astonished they did have some offered outdoors on the pre-order approach. So my geek excitement got the most beneficial of me and I picked up the Xbox 1. I needed to return some PS four video games and additional controller to GameStop and purchase controller and video games for Xbox. I wasn’t absolutely sure what to assume of the Xbox. I like my 360 but not a fan of Win 8 tables, PC’s, and phones. So I was worried Xbox was gonna be an attempt by MS to push that platform. I was also a bit worried as my initially Xbox 360 got the red ring of death and forced me to purchase a substitute. I have hardly ever felt that MS is great at building devices.

When dwelling I unboxed the Xbox and was impressed from the packaging high quality as well as look and really feel on the Xbox itself. I decided to hook it up to my satellite box to view how the Television functions function. Everything powered up just fine and also the setup was straight forward. The Xbox appears a lot more mature compared to the Xbox 360. The high-quality from the unit would seem better from a search and really feel and also the excellent to me appears a phase up.

The user interface is similar to Xbox 360 so I was applied to how it worked. I will have to say the interface performs and I like how it flows. There are a few parts the place it isn’t going to movement incredibly very well, primarily beneath the settings location, however the major residence spot will work pretty effectively. The Tv integration operates pretty very well also. Only point I do not like is that the Xbox can not be a pass through for HDMI for when I want to observe Television and never have the Xbox turned on. Simple ample for me to have both on but for other family members who never consider the integration is interesting, it can be another stage to turn about the xbox even though it is actually by voice. The voice integration will work nicely although some instances it did not. For your most portion I can inform Xbox to alter channel, or flip up the volume and it does. The Tv integration is often a great characteristic but not crucial for me. I’ll say, Xbox so far does it better than other folks I’ve tried just like the Wii U Television integration. I believe Microsoft did a pleasant occupation to the Tv integration and it will be interesting to discover how it designed over time.

My initial two video games are Lego Marvel and Contact of Duty Ghosts. Enjoying together with the new controllers functions very well and the games appear very good. I can’t say I observe a big difference in image excellent for the video games but I guess these games might not be taking complete benefit on the new hardware. I will obtain Forza up coming because it seems gorgeous. One thing I observed on Get in touch with of Duty could be the install time for loading the game onto the community really hard drive. It took much longer than I expected. Not confident if some functionality tuning is required over the Xbox side or around the COD side. I’m positive it will boost as updates come about with Xbox and numerous video games.

One area, not Xbox relevant, that Microsoft needs to do a much better occupation on is with challenges all around Xbox Dwell. I renewed my Dwell Gold account using a card I bought. My son acquired slightly aggressive with scratching off the code and I had difficulties studying a couple letters/numbers. I went back to the keep to determine if they could void and reissue a fresh a single nevertheless they stated I had to speak to Microsoft. I utilized the on-line chat as well as the representative was worthless. I advised him I could not read every one of the code but had my receipt, reference quantity, and card variety and was looking for a substitute code. After the representative invested time seeing what he could do he wrote me back and mentioned “If there is certainly a little something I can do right here I will do it for you”. I wrote back, “ok”. Five minutes went by and also the rep. wrote yet again and mentioned, “is there something else I can do for you?”. I said, “yes, I invested sixty dollars for this and I can’t utilize the card”. The rep replied, “that is actually a large amount of cash, sorry.”. I wrote back, “this can not be the first time this has happened so MS should have some policy in area for damaged cards”. The rep stated, “sorry, nothing at all I can do.”. What sort of customer service is the fact that? Really, a card is damaged by accident and that’s it, that you are out sixty bucks. Come on MS, figure out a policy that works and do one thing to your customers. Just after employing my cellular phone camera to zoom into the code I was ready to consider diverse combinations and make the code operate but MS should possess a improved way for this scenario.

Total, I such as the Xbox one. It’s a noticeable improve to the 360 in program high-quality. The reduction in noise produced through the unit is alone worth the upgrade. I generally wondered why MS desired to generate the 360 the Television centerpiece when it normally sounded like a jet taking off. Wonderful job on the hardware group for creating this products quite quiet. The question is, does the Xbox justify the extra $100 in excess of the PS4? For me today, yes, at least it worked from the box. It is expensive and that may harm revenue past launch sort purchasers but I do assume MS did a nice occupation on this device and I look forward to working with it and see how MS enhances it above time.


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